I am a freelance hand-embroiderer and tutor specialising in tambour beading, fashion embroidery and traditional embroidery techniques

After I left a career in banking for a life-long passion of needlework, I enrolled a professional embroidery course at the Royal School of needlework. Since 2015 I learned and mastered traditional embroidery techniques to a professional level on the Future Tutors programme which I completed with a distinction. This is the only programme of this kind in the UK. In addition, I completed a professional fashion embroidery training at Ecole Lesage (Métiers d’Art CHANEL) in 2019 where I polished my tambour beading skills.

I work as a freelance embroiderer and offer design and bespoke embroidery services for fashion students, individual dressmakers and tailors, ateliers, and fashion companies in a wide variety of techniques. I also offer personalising clothing and accessories services for individual clients and small fashion brands.

I specialise in tambour beading embroidery for fashion and traditional embroidery techniques which include goldwork, silk shading or needle painting, blackwork, whitework, applique, Jacobean crewelwork, smocking, and canvas embroidery. I stitch on all sorts of fabric from delicate silk organza, tulle and netting to denim, leather, wool and thick outerwear fabrics.

I also offer tailored embroidery classes for all levels including tambour beading classes for fashion professionals. I teach at the Royal school of needlework (UK and USA), London Embroidery School, Crewel Work Company and my studio in East London.

Since 2011 I run bespoke hand-dyeing business and offer hand-dyed silk ribbons for embroidery and special events.

Please, contact me for more information.